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Sun protection isn’t just for skin, hair needs protection from the sun too. milk_shake® sun & more kit brings you the ultimate essentials for you summer beauty case: UV protection, hydration and nourishment, for perfect hair. milk_shake® sun & more all over shampoo is a ‘two-in-one’ cleansing and soothing formula for hair and body, ideal for after swimming in the sea or pool, or year-round to leave skin soft and protect hair from the lightening and dehydrating effects of the sun. With its intensive nourishing and conditioning properties milk_shake® sun & more beauty mask  is designed for use after shampooing to soothe the damaging effects of the sun, salt, wind and chlorine. Third component of the trio milk_shake® sun & more incredible milk is a spray mask with 12 cosmetic benefits in a ‘sun edition’, with UV filters, to give all the necessary elements to protect hair during the summer.

milk_shake® Sun & More Set

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